Infinix Zero 3 is Economical Mid-range Smartphone

Infinix is a Chinese company

The first thing that pops up into anyone’s mind whenever you mention a Chinese smartphone is a cheap knockoff. However, as of late that has not been the case at all as Chinese manufacturers have slowly but surely started to produce good quality smartphones that have quite a few redeeming features for their price range thus making them the premium choice when compared to what other major manufacturers throw in the market. A great entry to this would have to the Infinix Zero 3.

Infinix zero 3 Overview

In terms of first impressions, the phone certainly manages to leave quite an impression thanks to its glossy plastic back and well-made front. That being said, the phone did somewhat remind me of my Xperia Z1 in terms of its design as when compared side to side, you could certainly put a case for the Zero 3 is inspired by the Xperia series. However, that wasn’t really something that I could complain about because the end product delivered by Infinix certainly did look good.

Infinix Zero 3 Specifications

In the performance department Infinix Zero 3 really stepped up its game compared to other phones being offered by the company as it packs an impressive MTK Helio 2.2GHz Octa-core processor along with 3GB of RAM and a full HD 5.5” screen to boot that runs on Android 6.0, which is the latest Android OS available in the market. Not only did the phone never lagged in any app that I ran on it, it also managed to deliver a crisp graphic output in all the games I tried out on it as well, thus really driving the point home about Chinese manufacturers being able to make good quality smartphone,nes.

Of course no review is complete without talking about the device’s cameras and just like before the Zero 3 didn’t disappoint me in this department as well. With its 20.7MP rear and 5MP front camera, the phone certainly lived up to its tagline of “reinventing photography”. The results of the cameras were quite good compared to other phones being offered in the same price range and were only outshined by a few other major devices that are known to be a beast in the camera department.

All in all, the Zero 3 really is a top notch device in its price range that not only delivers in terms of performance and battery life but also manages to give somewhat of a wow factor in terms of its camera results and design elements. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a smartphone in the Rs. 15-22K range to certainly give the Zero 3 a serious consideration.


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