HMD clarifies the data breach scandal in NOKIA 7 Plus Phones

NRK Reported the Data Breach by Nokia 7 plus

The broadcasting company in Norway NRK reported the data breach by Nokia 7 plus phones in the third week of March 2019. HMD Global (The parent company) has admitted that an unspecified number of phones has sent data to the Chinese servers, according to Reuters.

NRK claimed that they got to know about the issue after a user reported that his phone is often sending data packages to some particular server in unencrypted form.

Why the phones were sending the data to the server in China?

HMD stayed quite at that time, but they investigated the matter. According to the statements released, the company has analyzed the case and they have identified the issue. The device activation client meant for China variant was mistakenly included in the software package of a single batch Nokia 7 plus phones. And this is why the phones were trying to send data to the server in China.

The company clarified that they use data only for two reasons;

  1. To activate the device warranty.
  2. To collect diagnostic data from the owners who participate in the user’s experience program.

Security fix for the Affected Phones

Keeping in view the situation the company has already released the security fix for the affected phones.

  1. For that, the users have to check for the software update.
  2. Go to settings> System> About phone> scroll down to build number.
  3. If your phone shows “00WW_3_39B_SP03” or “00WW_3_22C_SP05” as a build number then you are good to go.
  4. If there is no such number then you have to update the software of the phone.

HMD, replying to the further data breach speculations have mentioned that all the other Nokia 7 plus phones are safe. And this technical issue occurred just in the one batch of the phones.

All device data of Nokia phones other than China variant is stored in the Company’s server in Singapore. China’s policy is that all the devices which are being sold in China, its data will also be stored in the servers within China.


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