Free Emoji Apps – 11 Great Apps for Android Users

Check out 11 free emoji apps for Android users.

Free Emoji Apps - 11 Great Apps for Android Users

Emojis are the most important part of digital communication. Imagine making through everyday text messages and social media comments without emojis, terrifying no? With more apps coming to the app stores, the use of emojis has become highly popular. Free emoji apps allow users to get rid of their phone’s default emojis. In return, users get a wide range of animated emojis that they can easily use while typing.

If you are an emoji lover just like us, you are going to enjoy your experience with these free emoji apps. Here, we have gathered all the important information about the emoji apps for Android users.

Free Emoji Apps for Android Users

Let’s take a look at the 11 popular free emoji apps that you can find on the play store.

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

As the name suggests, this emoticon app is full of cute and creative smileys. Once you download the app, you can begin to enjoy these emojis anywhere in your text conversations.

You can find funny emojis, stickers, animated gifs, and much more. The app is designed to deliver a range of diverse emoticons compatible with social apps.

When you download the app, you will have access to more than three thousand catchy emojis. You can fill your dry conversations with relevant emoticons that appear as suggestions. The Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons app comes with a predictive input feature. This means that you do not have to struggle to find a smiley while typing. The app will show you relevant emoticons to tap and choose.

One of the highlights of this app is its vast support for languages. You can choose from 65 languages. Furthermore, the customizable themes, size, and colors also add to the app’s brilliance.


Free Emoji Apps - 11 Great Apps for Android Users

This app is a popular choice among Android users. The Emojidom app allows users to access more than 4 thousand free emoticons and stickers for social apps and messenger apps. All you need to do is to install the app and start using the best emojis.

This app is designed to make all kinds of messengers fun and exciting. You can find a wide variety of stickers and emoticons to choose from. Whether there is an occasion or an annual event, you will find all the relevant stickers to use.

If you are thinking that there might be a price tag on the emojis, here’s the good news. The Emojidom app offers all these text creatives free of cost. So download the app from the Google play store and start enjoying it.

Kika Keyboard

Kika App

Kika Keyboard app is a versatile experience for all Android users. You can use a variety of smileys, stickers, and gifs using this app.

The major success point for this app is its diverse range of emojis hitting up to several thousand. You can find an endless list of possibilities among stickers and emoticons. The app also supports about 6 dozen languages. What makes Kika Keyboard stand out is that it has no traps or tricks planned. This means that the app does not offer any paid updates, emojis, or other deal-breakers.

Over 20 million people across the globe use Kika and its popularity keeps on adding more users every day. The versatility of this keyboard is that it offers you smiles with a variety of color shades. The app developers keep on adding more updates in the emoji drawer. So, if you use this app, there is no chance that you will be disappointed.

Emoji Keyboard


Emoji Keyboard is an intelligent emoticon app that is free to use. This app does not let you get bored at any point. Once you try out all the features of this app, you would not want to look for anything else.

The emoji collection in the Emoji Keyboard app is more than three thousand. You can find a diverse set of stickers and smileys while using this app. This app is compatible with all social apps that you may frequently use. Apart from the huge number of loaded emoticons, you can easily find relevant stickers through predictive input. The app comes with an auto-correction option, customizable color schemes, wallpaper options, and font choices.

The Emoji Keyboard is loaded with pictures, stickers, emojis, memes, gifs, and much more. Users can find emoticons from iOS, Android, and other apps while using this single app. Additional benefits of this app include 30 dictionaries, keyboard resize feature, privacy and security features, and language support for more than 60 languages.

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard app is one of the popular app choices for Android users. The app is designed with the objective to make text conversations more meaningful and emotional compared to the ordinary typing experience. This app is great for emojis as well as accurate typing.

The highlighting features of this app include thousands of emojis, stickers, gifs, games, and theme options. So, if you are one of those who like to have a relevant emoji for most parts of your text conversations, you will love this app. Not only you will get predictive emojis but also related to the topic of discussion.

Additional features of this app include text correction, predictive input, punctuation correction, and support for over 50 languages.

You can use a swipe control to select the emoji of your choice. The features of this app are free of charge. So, you can proofread your text while typing without any problem. You can also play around with the available theme options to make your interaction with the app a little more friendly. During your daily conversations, the frequent input text will appear in your keyboard predictions for effective usage.

Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard is an intelligent keyboard app. It is basically a smart keyboard that allows the users to experience an adaptive app behavior according to their preferences.

Apart from thousands of stickers and emoticons, you can find a comfortable typing experience with this brilliant app. With Flash Keyboard, you can use your own images or photos to insert in your text conversations. By downloading and using this app, you are most likely going to experience more than just a good typing keyboard.

Being a smart keyboard, this app remembers your typing behavior and style. You will notice this once you continue to use the app. It changes the entered text into your regular style of typing. The wide-ranging list of emoticons, stickers, gifs, and themes cover the highlights of this keyboard app.

If we talk about language support, Flash Keyboard supports 50 languages. The adaptive text input feature is also applicable to your social apps.

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WhatSmiley Emoji App

WhatSmiley is an emoji app created for Android users. This app is a great choice for using special emoticons in your every-day conversations.

The app comes with several loaded features for Android device users. You can access more than two thousand smileys, creative stickers, and emoticons. The wide variety of stickers allow you to make your daily text conversations more lively and rich.

The featured list of emojis in the WhatSmiley app is compatible with all devices as well as applications. You can enjoy this app while typing on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger, Imo, and many more.


Bitmoji App

By now, many smartphone users have developed familiarity with the Bitmoji app. This unique app offers you a versatile emoji experience with creative features on board.

While using Bitmoji, you can create, customize, and choose from a variety of cartoons and animated characters. If you like to play around with avatar apps, this app is a great choice to go with.

The Bitmoji app comes with a built-in editor to create your own cartoon characters. You are allowed to change the color of the eyes, change the face shape, hairstyle, color, and add other accessories to your designed character. You can also create collages from stickers and send them to your friends. This app is great to use because of its diverse compatibility options.

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

Free Emoji Apps - 11 Great Apps for Android Users

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard is one of the highly-rated apps on the Google play store. This app offers a fast, comfortable, and creative use to all the Android device holders. TouchPal is an award-winning app from the GSMA 2009.

Once you download this app, you can reinvent your messaging style with the loaded app features. Choose from thousands of emoticons, stickers, languages, or emojis based on your choice. TouchPal also allows the users to take their selfie and use it as a background.

Additional features of the app cover text correction, predictive smiley input, smiley replacement with text, and text to gifs conversion.

To effectively use the application on your Android device, download and open it. Tap on “Enable TouchPal”. You can select from the keyboard options available in your phone’s “Languages” section. You can choose your desired keyboard theme from the 25 offered choices. Apart from these, the TouchPal supports 150 keyboard languages.

Keyboard App


Unlike its name, the Keyboard app is not as simple as you may think. This app comes with modern emojis, gifs, stickers, and much more. The Keyboard app ensures that your conversations with your friends are full of fun and creativity.

You can find more than three thousand funny and creative stickers preinstalled in the app. The keyboard is adaptive to use and offers input predictions based on the user’s daily usage. Overall, the keyboard is fast and comfortable to use. Like several other emoticon apps, the Keyboard app also comes with themes and color options for different emojis. Users can choose from animated stickers and customized background images.

This app is highly suitable for those who are looking to enhance the emoticon drawer of their default keyboard. Although there are many options available in the app, it is most popular to increase the emoticon and sticker collection while conversing through chats on social apps.

ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard

ai.type Keyboard

As the name suggests, this keyboard app offers adaptive and smart text input options to the users.

The app comes with support for more than 50 languages. You can play around with the offered themes, colors, emoticons, stickers, and fonts. Users can choose from thousands of theme choices as they like. You can also find suitable symbols and graphic images for input.

Additional features of the ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard includes predictive text input, emoji suggestions, text replacement option, text auto-correction, and compliment suggestions.

Final Verdict

For all the emoji app hunters, the above-listed free emoji apps can surely change your typing game on smart devices. If you were tired of boring text methods, these apps can change your opinion once you install them from the play store. All these apps come with a variety of handy features to use. However, users can choose one over the other based on personal preferences. The overall keyboard experience that these apps offer to Android users is highly positive and convenient. If you haven’t downloaded one of these, now is the time to try. Happy chatting!