How to fix Nova Launcher on Huawei after the crash

Huawei Updates

Huawei has released new devices and system updates recently. New Huawei devices in the market have taken the market with a storm globally. Right now Huawei devices are considered as one of the most successful devices so far because its enriched with features of a premium model and the price is just a step below as of a premium model.

Nova launcher crashes on Huawei Devices

We have noticed a few complaints about the recent nova launcher crash on Huawei devices. A lot of users have complained that once the Nova launcher is crashed they are not able to recover it.

Sadly we would like to mention that Huawei has removed the launcher option recently in their new update but rumors are there that it will be reverted in the next update. Here users are left with two options, flash the device on an older version or root it. But the easiest way is to wait for the next release or try to set up the nova launcher once again.

Please follow the video below.

Nova launcher is no doubt one of the best launchers so far. We personally prefer to use nova launcher instead of custom launchers od Samsung or Huawei.

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