Facebook Dating

“Facebook,” what comes to your mind when you this word? Yes, a popular social networking website. Do people use this website to create profiles, upload photos, and video, and sending messages, etc.? No, it is way more than that!

In this digital era, we cannot think to run a business successfully without social media marketing. Without a second thought, we can say that social media marketing is incomplete without Facebook! Giant companies allocate the big budget for the promotion of their business. In this way, they generate sales, and Facebook generates revenue. Other than this, there are more streams of Facebook’s revenue generation, too, but digital advertising is on the top.

It seems like it is the strategy of Mark Zukerberg to copy the core features of his competitor’s app. In recent years we have seen that he has purchased Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Moreover, he also tried to buy Snapchat but failed to do so. After this, what happened? He copied snapchats’ stories feature in his apps (Facebook and WhatsApp).

Facebook Dating Service

Now, the latest news is, “Facebook has launched a dating service to rival tinder.” They can do it successfully too because of their massive userbase as Facebook has 2,230,000,000 active users per month! The platform has been named “Facebook Dating.”

How Facebook Dating Platform Works?

  • You must have the latest version of the Facebook app.
  • Facebook user can sign up for “Facebook Dating” by creating a dedicated profile utterly different from their existing Facebook profiles.
  • If the user wants to get in touch with someone, he/she only have to comment or like their post.
  • Any activity of Facebook Dating will not be shown on the user’s main Face book account.

Upcoming Features

  • Users will be able to share their posts and stories from their main Facebook and Instagram account.
  • No friends from the main Facebook account are recommended as potential dating partners unless the user explicitly changes these settings. However, if a user secretly likes someone from their existing friends’ list, they can add them to their Secret Crush List on Facebook Dating. In this way, the added person will receive the notification that someone has added them in the Secret Crush List. If the added person also adds them to their Secret Crush List, then Facebook dating will match them.

As far as safety is concerned. Shortly, Facebook Dating will let you report someone for harassment or block someone altogether.

Countries In Which Facebook Dating Service Is Available

It is currently available in the US and 19 countries around the world. Soon it will be launched in Europe too.


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