Facebook Can Data Mine Whatsapp Messages for Ads: Report

Back in April 2018; the world has seen Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, sitting in front of US Congress. It was the panel of four lawmakers and Mark was bound to answer their questions. Facebook was accused of breaching the privacy of its users. Mark admitted that his company’s employee shared the data with the UK based company and another handful of companies. He assured that the company will take more measures to keep the user’s data private from the third party.

Facebook Surpassed 100 million users

As per the reports, Facebook has surpassed 100 million users turning into a social network giant. But the privacy breach scandal and other similar scandals shook the trust of its users. The users of WhatsApp are compelled to doubt the end-to-end encryption the app provides. People are assuming that their data is not safe. Some analyst has said that the data can be given to agencies in the name of counter-terrorism.

Are Whatsapp Messages Purely end-to-end encrypted?

WhatsApp takes the honor for its end-to-end encryption of the conversation. This means that the message cannot be seen by the third party, either WhatsApp/Facebook or any other app. But the one thing people are unaware of is that encryption is during transit (only). Facebook can always use its position to mine the messages and get the targeted audience for advertisers. Later, data can be sold to advertising agencies to generate revenue.

For example, if a person in his messages is talking about a car to be purchased, he soon will be able to see different ads of vehicle brands. This is just an example, but this is how it works.

According to the reports, WhatsApp by deploying Spyware can always mine our data. Since ads support Facebook, we can see where Facebook is heading. CEO has assured that though his company has the provision to do data mining they will never do so. The priority of the company is its user’s privacy. But we all know that purchasing data is economical for the companies rather than purchasing heavy hardware.

What we can do is: read the T&C box carefully and do not tick mark the box, if the text has warned us of the privacy breach when signing up any app.


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