Enroll in Samsung One UI Beta Release and download the fonts


Samsung one UI Beta is scheduled to be rolled out soon. A lot of people have already started downloading the One UI fonts but there is a lot to come. How an interaction between user and machine occurs? There is an interface through which we are able to effectively use and operate the machine i.e. called user interface (UI). An interface must be friendly, otherwise many users will get frustrated by any gadget in no time.

Samsung TouchWizEnroll in Samsung’s One UI Beta Program

TouchWiz is a UI that was developed and created by Samsung. Many people liked it but gradually people started noticing the bad performance optimization of Samsung’s smartphones! Why did it happen? Samsung kept on adding new unnecessary features just to attract the attention of users. Obviously, these type of functionalities need space in the background as a result what happens? Device performance become poor!

Back in 2016 Samsung handled this issue well. That was the time when S8 and S8+ were released. Company simplified the interface and removed unnecessary features from UI.

How to Enroll in Samsung’s One UI Beta Program

It is just possible by invitation, which will be sent on November 15, 2018. As we mentioned above, the release date could be different for different countries. Be patient and relax! The whole process is described below.

  • You must have a Samsung account to get enrolled in One UI Beta program.
  • US citizens will get an invitation through Samsung+ (in the form of a banner)
  • People living in other countries could get an invite through Samsung Members (an invitation will appear in notices section).
  • After receiving the invitation, you have to submit an application.
  • In the case of application approval, OTA update will appear in the software update section of the settings menu.
  • After installation, the phone will be restarted automatically.

Samsung One UI

Now, the latest news is that Samsung has developed completely One UI which will be released in January 2019. Obviously, in this case, S9, S9+ and Note 9 will get priority over others. After that S8, S8+ and Note 8 will be on the list. Get ready to experience these things.


  • Removed unnecessary features.
  • Provided Natural feel.
  • Taller display aspect ratios.

Ease of use

  • All interactive elements are on the lower part instead of the top.
  • The reasonable gap between viewing and interacting areas.
  • Dark theme lovers can enable native system-wide night mode.

Samsung One UI Beta program

Before releasing the final version, the company has decided to release One UI Beta program. Users will be able to give their reviews about the new One UI with Android Pie before the final release. What will be its benefit? The company will get the user’s feedback, it will help them to remove any bugs from the original One UI before releasing it officially.

Models Compatible With One UI Beta Program

  • Snapdragon
  • Exynos

Germany, Korea, and the US will be the first one to experience it. After these countries, it will be introduced in China, France, India, Poland, Spain, and the UK.




If you want to avoid any issue, we strongly recommend you to perform factory reset right after an update.

Are you excited about the Samsung One UI Beta program? Is it a great move by Samsung or not? Let us know in the comment sectio


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