Download GMS Installer APK for Chinese Android Phones

Do you want to run Google services on Cheap Chinese phone? Download the GMS installer and your phone with complete android services.

Chinese phones are rapidly gaining popularity in the market specifically because of the maximum number of amazing features at a reasonable price. The design of mobile phones is also lavish and attracts a good lot of customers around the year. However, there is a minor issue in these phones and that can be resolved quite easily. These phones are not equipped with Google Mobile Services and the users can’t live without having that on their phone. Well… here is the solution through which you can easily install GMS on your phone even if it is a Chinese android phone. Those users who wish to install the apps like Play Services, Play Store, and Play Music on Chinese Android phone, they must install the GMS Installer first. Before that, you should know about what is a GMS installer.

What is GMS Installer?


GMS stands for Google Mobile Services. This is a framework that helps all the Google Apps run on an Android phone. There are two basic things needed for Google Apps to work on an Android phone.

The first is the presence of Google Mobile Services, and the second is the Play Services App. Without Google Mobile Services, Google Play Services will not work on an Android phone. So it is quite clear that without the GMS, you cannot have the Google Play Store on your phone.

Why Chinese Android Phones are Without Google services?


As mentioned above, the Chinese Android phones don’t have the Play Store pre-installed. They do not have anything named Google installed in them. The phones in China have to comply with the policies of the Government. Since Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube are banned in China, users are unable to find these apps on their phones.

Users who take a Chinese Android smartphone out of China, they have all the rights to enjoy the Google Play Store on their phones as the Play Store is the largest Android App repository. But for all those users who have Chinese Android phones and yet willing to enjoy Google Play Store services, the developers have done an amazing job to invent the ways for installing the Google Play Store manually on Chinese Android phones and the GMS Installer is a significant part of this process.

Moreover, it should be kept in mind the GMS is merely a framework. It does not itself install the Play Store in a Chinese Android phone. After installing GMS, the users need to install another application called Google Installer. It is the Google Installer that installs the basic 6 Google Apps on an Android phone. The Google Installer includes the Play Services, Play Store, Play Music, Calendar, Contacts, etc.

There are different versions of GMS Installers available. An installer that goes by the name “GMS Installer” works on most of the phones from manufacturers like Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Vivo, and others. The GMS Installer works on all the phones released before the year 2018. While the GMS Installer has failed to work on the latest smartphones like Honor 8, Honor 8X, Honor 10 Lite, and Honor 8C, a new version of GMS Installer has been introduced. This new version has been named as “GMSanzhuangqi”. You can easily download the required GMS Installer APK as per your phone and then you can have a gateway to enjoy Google Play Store Services on your Chinese Android phone. But dont worry, you can easily download GMS Installer by downloading the APK.

Steps to Download Google Installer


Here are the steps to follow while downloading the Google Installer on your Chinese Android phones:

  • Firstly, enable “Unknown Source” on your phone to ensure it installs .apk files. Go to Settings->Additional settings–>Privacy–> tap to activate Unknown Sources.
  • This step works only if your phone is connected to the Internet using data, not wireless. You need to go to Tools->Downloads->Select the three dots in the upper right corner->Settings->Download Size Limit-> Select Unlimited
  • Now you will be able to install the Google Installer. Launch My App Store. Type “Google” as key word in the search field. Find the Google Installer icon then click on Install.
  • Congratulations! Your Google Installer should have been installed by now.

Steps to Download Google Play Google Installer

  • Open Browser.
  • Download Google Installer APK on your phone from MIUI; you can find it at this link.
  • A pop up button will appear at the bottom of the screen, tap OK to install Google Installer.
  • When the downloaded file will open, tap on Install to begin the installation of Google Installer.
  • After you open the Google Installer, a blue Install button will appear to the start installation of Google Basic Services.
  • The Google Installer will install the following Google required packs on your phone for your apps to work:
  • Services Framework
  • Account Manager
  • Google Play services
  • Calendar Service
  • Once you’ve installed these required packs, the Installer will ask for your permission to install Google Play on your phone. After that, tap on Install for the Google Play Store to start installing.
  • Once you have installed the Google Play Store on your phone, simply tap on Open to open the app.

Now you have installed Google Play Store using Google Installer and you are ready to install different Google and android apps on your phone.