AMD Powercolor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil Got Leaked

AMD Powercolor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil Got Leaked

Hey, gamers! What came newly into your world? Oh, are you really a hardcore gamer or you simply guessed it from heading? Lol! Okay man, whatever the case is you have guessed it right!

“Nvidia, Nvidia, Nvidia …. ” we have been hearing and using their graphics cards for years! After GTX, their RTX line of cards has made people crazy. Do you remember, for a while, we really waited for AMD’s solid response to the Nvidia RTX cards? But nothing happened, right? As a result, people just forgot about AMD GPUS!

We know that AMD took a long time but they are back with a bang. It is a bit late but finally today we have something new to discuss them. Yes, AMD’s Powercolor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil got leaked.

As you know that RX 580which was released in April 2017 is often compared to Nvidia’s 1060 6GB GPU.RX 590 is the successor to the RX 580 and we are expecting something new in it.AMD Powercolor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil Got Leaked

RX 590 Red Devil Specs

After a really long time when you introduce something new to the market against your competitor then you should also give your customers irresistible reasons to buy it. Otherwise, it will not be a huge success! What do you think? So, we are at least expecting that RX 590 will have the Polaris 30 GPU. As there is no point in using the same Polaris 20 GPU in the new iteration.

RX 590 Red DevilPrice

Another thing which we have noticed in forums discussion is, the price will also play an important role in the success of RX 590.

Gamers are discussing price. They are not willing to spend more than 275 USD for RX 590! As RX Vega Red Devil is already available for 350 USD. We are assuming that the price of RX 590 will not be more than 300 USD.

RX 590 has not been released officially so we have no proper details about all the tech specs at this moment. Just like you, we are waiting for it. Let’s see what happens!

Oh, don’t forget to tell us that are you really interested in buying RX 590 or just waiting for Navi? And, what are the reasons behind it?


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