7 Customizable Keyboard Apps for Android Users

Here are the 7 customizable keyboard apps that can enhance your typing experience.

7 Customizable Keyboard Apps for Android Users!

Texting and socializing have one thing in common, the extensive use of the keyboard. A lot of mobile users showed concerns about their smartphone’s keyboard capabilities over the years. However, modern digital apps have made it much easier to have the keyboard that we dreamt of. Here, we have gathered all the details about the 7 customizable keyboard apps for Android users.

7 Customizable Keyboard Apps

If you are tired of using your smartphone’s boring keyboard, there are a few apps that can change the game for you. These customizable keyboard apps allow you to modify your phone’s keyboard as you like. To better understand what we can accomplish with these Android apps, let’s look into the details.


SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard apps available on the play store. The app offers a list of customizable keyboard features that come in handy. If you are tired of typing mistakes that you never intend to make, SwiftKey can make auto-correction and suggestions much faster and more precisely than your default keyboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard

The main highlights of the SwiftKey keyboard app include auto-correct, prediction text, predictive emoticons, and customizable app layout. The app users can change the design of the app interface, change color schemes, change the font size, and also play around with the distance between the keys.

Once you download the app, you may need to develop a familiarity with it first. Here is how you can access the keyboard layout options while using the app.

To resize your keyboard (on the display), here’s what you can do:

  • Setting it through SwiftKey Hub
  • Open the SwiftKey Hub on your Android device
  • Select and tap “Resize”
  • Choose between the size options as per your need

Setting it through the “Set” menu

Here’s another way you can play around with the size of your keyboard.

  • Open the SwiftKey application on your Android device
  • Tap “Set”
  • Tap the “Resize Keyboard” option to select your desired size

While these options may come in handy, remember that a change in your phone’s font settings may also affect the settings of the app.

Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

This keyboard app is a perfect fit for those Android users who are unhappy with smaller buttons. The Big Buttons Keyboard Standard application allows a convenient typing experience by showing bigger keyboard buttons. If you are often on the move and bear typing errors, this app can take your worry away. You can type much more conveniently while enjoying the other app features.

The app is equipped with a voice dialing feature, predictive text input, and several other customizable features for a typical user’s convenience. Those Android users who had trouble using smaller keyboards can find this app a good fit.

Classic Big Keyboard

This keyboard app has a classic layout with enhanced convenience for all Android users. However, you will need to make this app your default keyboard once you download it. For this, you need to go to your phone’s settings and find “Language and Keyboard”. Here, you can simply select the Classic Big Keyboard as your default keyboard and enjoy using it.

The major highlight of the app is larger buttons to ensure convenient and error-free typing.

Fleksy Keyboard

As the name suggests, the Fleksy Keyboard app offers complete flexibility to the users. You can find a wide range of features loaded into this keyboard app. The app is one of the most popular choices among Android users because of its versatility.

7 Customizable Keyboard Apps for Android Users!

In the Fleksy Keyboard app, you can manage and organize hotkeys, change the keyboard design and size, manage the cursor and the number of lines, find a variety of stickers, and an easy input method.

This keyboard app is an excellent option for those Android users who are hunting for convenience and creativity together.

Multiling O Keyboard

Multiling O Keyboard is an intelligent app among other keyboard apps available on the play store. The primary reason for its popularity is the storage space it consumes on a device. This app takes less than 1MB of storage space on an Android device. Additionally, you can use a wide range of input languages (supported by the app). However, you may need to separately add (download) each language.

7 Customizable Keyboard Apps for Android Users!

Other features of the app include gesture support, customizable design, and bigger buttons for convenient usage. The Multiling O Keyboard also allows users to add words to the dictionary. You can choose this option by selecting a word, tapping on it, and selecting add to the dictionary option.

MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase Keyboard app is a unique keyboard app for Android device users. The functionality of this keyboard distinguishes itself from the other apps of the category.

On the app interface, you can find 9 large buttons. The arrangement of these buttons is such that the most frequently used alphabets are placed in the center. The button size allows a convenient and care-free touch to record the input.

MessagEase Keyboard App

You can enter the other letters by means of gestures – circular, and slide to the side – to record the input. Additional features include multi-touch, figure-drawing, and special characters input option. Although the app is designed to deliver a comfortable typing experience, it can be better understood while using it.

For those seeking a precise and fast typing experience, the MessagEase Keyboard app can be greatly helpful. The app is super-quick with predictive text options. Moreover, you do not have to manually add words to your dictionary because the app does it for you. To ensure ease of use, you can increase the app input space to almost any screen size. This feature is of great help when looking to type single-handedly or while on the go.

App Guide – It is important to mention that this app does not consist of a single keyboard and offers a diverse keyboard experience to the users. You may need to review the app guide after installation to achieve the best usage.

Complexity – The app has a complex usage and requires the users to spend a few days while learning to adapt. But once you get to know how the app works, your typing game will reach a whole new level of experience.


Gboard is a common name among the customizable keyboard apps. The keyboard is equipped as the standard keyboard in several Android devices. Apart from the typical app features, you can also play around with the keyboard size in the standard Gboard app.

For this, you will need to go into the “Input Settings”, then go to the “Display” section and choose “Keyboard Height”, or “Font Size”. Both these options will enable you to modify your keyboard size and change the size of the font. For Android devices with bigger displays, the app can offer significantly bigger sizes to ensure comfortable input.

Gboard Android Keyboard

The Gboard app has a simple and minimalistic design. However, the app allows users to choose between different themes as desired. Additionally, you can also select one of your own gallery images as the keyboard’s background. Standard app features include voice input, phrase prediction, and recognition of hand-drawn emoticons.

As this app comes directly from Google, it supports hundreds of different input languages and dictionaries. The Gboard app is fully compatible with all Android devices. Tablet users can also download and enjoy this versatile keyboard app. Apart from these options, you can expect speedy input and response from the Gboard app.


All these keyboard apps have one goal in common, the comfort of users. So, it completely depends upon your preferences to choose between any of these apps. All the customizable keyboard apps available on the play store have their own benefits. However, we can not deny one’s importance compared to the others based on the comfort factor. If you are looking for bigger buttons with a simpler interface, you can stick to the Gboard keyboard and increase the font size as well as the keyboard layout. On the flip side, if your goal is to modify your app design and play around with the themes, you can go for any of the above-listed keyboard apps.