5 ways to make your online accounts safe

In today’s day and age, nobody can underestimate the importance of the internet and computers have on any person’s life. From paying our bills to commenting on the wedding pictures of our friends and family, these days we use the internet for pretty much everything. However, unfortunately, we don’t pay as much attention to securing our accounts as we should. Quite often, this is downplayed by the argument, “what can a hacker do?” Well, in today’s day and age, a hacker can not only get you fired from your job by posting horrendous remarks on your boss’s profile but they can also literally drain you dry by maxing out your credit cards to landing you in prison by selling your account to a terrorist organization. Now, I know that possibility of the latter happening is quite unlikely, but still, in today’s day and age, internet safety is not something that should be taken lightly, which is why we have decided to publish 5 tips to help you make your accounts more secure.

Learn the Difference between Strong and Weak Passwords

The most common mistake people make while choosing a password for their accounts is usually by picking one that is easier to remember, which is the worst thing you can do. It is literally equivalent of locking your house’s door with a “dear diary lock” and expecting robbers not to break in. I don’t care if you have your password set as Pa$$w0rd, that is in no shape or form clever!

The trick of picking the best password is to pick something that has a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols and preferably is not an English word. There are many ways you can do this, like shortening a random phrase into letters or even picking random syllables out of your family members’ names, be creative! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Use Different Passwords

Another common mistake people make is using the same password for all of their online accounts! That again is a major NO when it comes to protecting your accounts. Why? Well, it has the same reason why your house doesn’t have one key for all its doors, simple as that. So again to reiterate: USE DIFFERENT PASSWORDS FOR DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS.

Enable Two Way Protection & Login Alerts

Almost all major social media websites, as well as email clients, offer two-way protection and login alerts to add an extra layer of security to your account. These options not only are able to protect your account on the off chance your password is compromised but they also help thwart any misuse by letting you know of a login attempt.

Don’t Sign Into Websites with your FB/Twitter/Email ID after Clicking Random Links

Nowadays, whenever you see someone posting that their account has been hacked, it’s not as much hacked as lost thanks to their stupidity of trusting random links that lead to websites which ask for login details of your FB/Twitter/Hotmail etc. Most of the times I do admit these websites are disguised to look like Facebook or Twitter or Hotmail’s Login page but that shouldn’t matter! If you are being asked to sign into your account from any link that isn’t the website’s main id, simply walk away! This is not hacking, this is you being stupid and no I don’t care who sent you that link saying this is the best sh!t ever! IT’S-A SCAM!

Remember Your Account Details

Whenever you make a new account, or even if you have an older one, remember its security details! Remember the birthday you set to the secret question and its answer! While these details are often inconsequential most of the time, in the rare change you do end up having your account compromised, they spell the difference between retrieving your account in under 5 minutes to 5 days.

While I do realize that there is far more you should do to properly secure your account, if you follow these simple steps, I do assure you that your account will be safer than before.


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