5 Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps of 2020 that must download

If you are looking for Whatsapp Status Saver, we have got some recommended app for you that you could download from the app store right away.

There was a time when all of the social media apps had different features and the users liked to enjoy using them differently as per the availability. However, with time, these features turned common in all of these apps merely with some minor differences. The trend of disappearing stories first came to be with Snapchat. This concept is since adopted by apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp status is becoming commonplace for people to share all kinds of stuff with their phone contacts. Some people use it to share text only, in the form of queries or some information. Others use it to share some interesting videos and meme pictures. Therefore, this guide takes you through the best apps to save WhatsApp Status to the phone gallery.

Here is How WhatsApp Status Saver Apps Work?

As you are going to learn about which are the best apps serving for WhatsApp Status Saving, you should know how the Android WhatsApp status saver apps work. In Android specifically, file management is pretty easy and open for users to explore. For those who don’t know, the statuses of all contacts are downloaded and saved on the phone’s internal storage. It is actually inside the “WhatsApp” folder. All the statuses are inside the hidden “.statuses” folder. Any users with adequate skills can access it and copy its contents anywhere. Therefore, all the WhatsApp saver apps use this folder, to begin with.

These apps divide the content into videos and images. There is no contact-specific division since it is not mentioned inside the folder. Therefore, it is all random and users need to find the exact status for themselves. Once found, saving WhatsApp status to the gallery from here on is pretty simple. Just select a file and press save.

Some of the Best Apps to Save Status

1. Status Saver

It is one of the cleanest WhatsApp Status Saver Apps. It comes with all the important tools that one can think or need. You can save WhatsApp status to the gallery, watch videos directly in-app before saving, repost a status without even saving and all content is divided into two main groups.

Scroll to either the left or right to open pictures or videos from statuses from your contacts. The length of videos is, of course, the same as the one in the app. We know that everything has its positives and negatives and so through this app, we cannot search the statuses by contact names directly. It is not possible because this app does not have direct access to WhatsApp API or database. Therefore, you have merely relied on searching and browsing skills. If someone has thousands of contacts, then they may have a hard time finding specific videos or images.

Apart from that, this is one of the perfect options for this simple task. The interface is clean and just like that of the WhatsApp itself. So there would be no difficulty in using it.

2. Status Downloader for WhatsApp

This app comes with pretty acceptable graphics and user interface. The color scheme is mostly copied from WA itself. It comes as no surprise. However, it would still be cool for developers to put some effort into making their apps stand out from rest.

In addition to the required function of saving WhatsApp status in the phone permanently, you get some extra bonuses. The first one worthy to mention here is the Status Wall. This is a place where users share interesting videos, images, quotes, and GIFs. You can download these directly to the phone and then put them on personal status. Isn’t it so cool?

Moreover, you’ve got the option to send messages to unsaved WhatsApp numbers. As for the main purpose, it is a great WhatsApp status saver app and works just the way you’d expect it to. It copies and displays all the data from the “.statuses” folder into a more consumable form.


3. Status Saver –  Status Video Download App

Status Saver is an app that works the same as every other app from its competition. It’ll copy videos, images, and GIFs from WhatsApp statuses folder. Afterward, all the files are displayed in a much easy-to-use format.

The only two categories to use in this case are images and videos. Therefore, if you’re thinking of sorting statuses based on contact names or times, it is not at all possible. Scroll through the list and find the one you want. For a status media to show up in this app, you must first view it in the original app. It should download there first.


4. Status Saver for WhatsApp

If you are more into something simpler to use and similar for its looks, then this one might be the right choice for you. After opening the app, there are just two buttons. One for Images and others for Videos. It shows the images and videos that main WhatsApp downloaded to the phone while you were checking statuses. Therefore, these media files will disappear when the status disappears from the app. Moreover, a status image or video does not show up in the app unless it is viewed.

Moreover, scroll through the given list of status images and videos. These are not arranged on the basis of contact names or anything like that. These are sorted based on download time or date. Therefore, your best way of finding a status is to just keep browsing until you find the one.

5. Story Saver for WhatsApp

Our creative WhatsApp users share all kinds of interesting stuff on WhatsApp. These include funny videos, GIFs, memes, quotes, political videos, songs and anything you name. This WhatsApp status saver app lets you download favorite videos and images to phone gallery or you can just share it directly to your status.

Either save one by one or select multiple files and save all at once. Unlike other options, the only flaw is the fact that we cannot sort these statuses with contact names or other filters. All files are shown in random order. To find any, just scroll through the list, preview it with a built-in media player and then save it.