Android FM Transmitter Apps – 11 Apps that you Shouldn’t Miss!

Check out 11 FM transmitter apps with a list of highlighting features.

Quite often, mobile users hear about FM and immediately think of a radio listening feature. However, there is more meaning to the term than we know. Nowadays, the use of FM radio has become very limited. Mobile users tend to listen to their choice of music instead of FM. With more and more apps coming to the app stores, the users show interest in music streaming apps more than radio apps. For those who loved the radio vibes, we have gathered information about 11 FM transmitter apps that can help you achieve a bigger use of your radio.

FM Transmitter Apps

Before we look into the details of the FM Transmitter apps, let’s talk a little about what really is an FM transmitter. As the name suggests, an FM transmitter allows the users to listen to music and other audio on another medium. This mechanism involves the FM receiver to catch the frequency intended by the user.

It may not sound like a handy tool because of efficient music apps. However, in some cases, you can find an FM transmitter very useful based on its functionality. For example, if you are stuck in a place where you want to play media on a stereo output device without using the AUX, an FM transmitter can do the job for you.

An FM transmitter app serves a similar purpose. You can easily play audio on another speaker device without using the AUX cable. These apps can transfer your music from your phone to hear it out on another device. How? You need to download an FM transmitter app to your Android device and create a connection. Before you do that, you may need to make sure if your Android device supports an FM transmitter program. In some cases, you can also use additional devices like a DC adapter, FM transmitter device, or other suitable devices.

Please note that the listed apps are for Android device users.

FM Transmitter Apps – Details

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

This FM transmitter app is available on the play store. You can find endless possibilities of listening to music with the TuneIn Radio app. The app is capable of allowing playback from your Android device’s storage and your car’s audio system.

The highlighting advantage of this FM transmitter app is the support for transmitting radio signals between your car’s audio and smartphone. This app can deliver ease of use and flawless audio sound with the help of transmitting signals.

Here’s how you can connect the app to your car’s audio system:

To connect your smartphone to the car audio, you will need a DC adapter. The FM transmitter system works with Bluetooth connectivity. You can also enjoy your favorite radio stations to listen through the transmitter app. The TuneIn Radio app comes in handy while you are on the go and want to listen to your choice of music. You can now easily say no to the boring songs the radio has for you and listen to your own playlists.

The TuneIn app is one of the flagship apps that allow the FM transmitter option. You can choose from a huge catalog of available radio stations. The overall app interface is also quite refined with a wide range of convenient features. TuneIn Radio app covers the choices of almost all types of radio listeners by offering multiple features and playlists.


Stitcher App

Sticher is a popular app choice among all Android users. The app is designed to enable users to listen to their favorite podcasts. Sticher has received positive app reviews more than once and the fans believe that the praise was well-deserved. One of the highlights of this famous podcast app is its interface design.

While using the app, you may notice some exciting features like convenient searches for a variety of podcasts related to news, sports, comedy, and many other categories. The app also has a very interesting feature that enables users to create user stations. These user stations allow you to create your own air recording. Isn’t that great?

The app has received huge popularity for its amazing and convenient list of features. It is worth mentioning that the app is free to use and does not contain any ads.


11 FM Transmitter Apps that you Shouldn't Miss!

With over 100,000 radio stations to choose from, Audials is another exciting app for Android FM lovers. You can listen to all your favorite music while using a single app.

All you need to do is enter the names of your favorite artists or music genre. You can also search for the local stations near your location and see what they have for you to listen to. Once you enter your desired search query, Audials will do its magic and show you the most relevant music collections that you can enjoy.

Audials also enable a multilingual listening experience for all its users. You can choose a podcast topic that interests you and listen to it in your desired language. Exciting isn’t it? Not only that, Audials is among the few Android apps that allow music streaming to AirPlay receivers. The app can connect your smartphone to your personal computer anywhere you are. You are not bound to a specific location to enjoy your favorite music anymore. Once, you are connected, Audials will display the entire collection of your computer’s music on your smartphone.

You also need to not worry about extensive music collections. Regardless of the number of songs, you can view, play, or download any music file that you like.

TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto

Tired of the boring and repetitive radio stations? We can feel you on this. The good news is, TuneLink Auto app allows you to get rid of all that you have heard before.

This app is exciting for those who need a fresh taste in music. The app allows its users to easily listen to and discover new music and new genres. You can find a convenient channel tuning feature that makes it easier for you to find the music of your taste. The interface of the app is also full of fun and ease. So, overall, you are most likely going to enjoy the app with many new songs to add to your lists.

One twist about the TuneLink Auto app is that it delivers full-functionality via TuneLink hardware accessory only.

For this, you will need to connect your device to the car’s audio system via a DC adapter. TuneLink Auto has a built-in Bluetooth feature allowing you to synchronize it with your smartphone. This way, you can wirelessly transfer music to your car’s audio speakers.

According to the app creators, you can synchronize more than one Bluetooth device using the transmitter.

Car Home Ultra

Car Home Ultra Radio

Car Home Ultra is a dynamic application that offers an irreplaceable experience while driving the car. The app offers a list of handy features, several important settings, a user-friendly app interface, and a comprehensive control system for the car driver. The app is designed to minimize distractions while driving, and offering a handful of convenient features.

Keeping the primary goal in view, the app interface is designed with simplicity. This means that you may not find a complex design in the Car Home Ultra app. You can download this app to almost any smartphone device and enjoy complete functionality. Additionally, all the features or options in the Car Home Ultra app are free to use. The ads will not bother you as much as in the other typical apps.

For Android users, you can also find a music player in the app that can play music from different applications. All you need to do is to choose the song. It can play MP3, M3U, PLS, AAC, and ACP formats.

While we have discussed about some of the FM transmitter apps that offer a variety of technical and non-technical features, here are a few apps that you can use to play music in your car through a smartphone. App is one of the dedicated radio apps available for both Android and iOS users. This brilliant radio app covers a huge catalog of online radio stations. The highlight of the app is its capability to offer 30,000 stations to the users. Not only that, the app allows the users to use filters to sort genres, location (country or city), and language. So, you have got a set of basic but handy features to tune into your favorite radio station.

For those who are familiar with SoundCloud, this app is going to make a lot of sense to you. Once you open the app, the main page displays the most important and relevant information based on your usage. You can find the last radio station you listened to, your favorites, local radio stations (locally broadcasted stations in your area/city), and the recommendations. You can also find the Top-100 rating chart to find the most popular stations.

If we talk about the overall app experience, you can find several pros that you may hope to find in this app. The app is free, offers complete accessibility, a convenient and minimal design, huge list of stations, multi-functionality, and a user-friendly app interface.


11 FM Transmitter Apps that you Shouldn't Miss!

iHeartRadio is a great app choice for those who want to listen to endless music lists. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can listen to multiple stations directly on your Android device. This brilliant app allows the listeners to access about 20 million songs. You can look up for your favorite artists and play as many songs as you like.

If we talk about the app design and interface, the iHeartRadio has a catchy and user-friendly interface. Users can set their preferred filters while searching for radio stations in the app. The one-touch feature to set filters comes in very handy to use. Like the other apps, you can easily save your favorite artist, music or collections as you like. This music and radio app is highly suitable for music lovers. You can also discover new artists and music genres while tuning into different stations.



PCRADIO is a radio app that offers a conventional listening experience. The app broadcasts all the popular radio stations that are available on the internet for radio listeners. The interface is simple yet beautiful while delivering a fast experience to the users. The app is light on the device’s storage and encompasses useful features.

The highlighting feature of PCRADIO is that you can listen to any station with a low-speed internet. Yes! you have read it right. We are all familiar with the internet connection problems that occur occasionally while streaming music. This app is here to take this worry away by offering an easy and fast-streaming listening experience.

When you open the app, it automatically connects to the server and receives all the important (and required) updates to offer full-functionality. The radio playlists also receive an update at the startup. Once done, you can listen to rock, club, retro, jazz, pop, classics, humor, relaxing and other stations based on your choice. PCRADIO also allows the users to interact with the stations they are listening to. You can order any composition on air.

Simple Radio

Simple Radio App

As the name suggests, the Simple Radio is designed to deliver a conventional easy-to-understand interface. You can tune into your favorite radio station in the app and start listening. The overall app design is minimalist and user-oriented.

Simple Radio offers more than 30,000 radio stations to the listeners. However, the interesting fact about the app is that it shows you the stations that you are looking for. Your preferences will enable the app to show you the relevant radio stations every time you use Simple Radio.

Owing to the intelligent app interface, you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for radio stations. Furthermore, you can also create your personal catalog of radio stations. Apart from the simple and user-friendly interface, you will also be able to enjoy fast loading speed and a stable listening experience.

myTuner Radio

myTuner Radio app is another popular name in the list of radio apps. You can enjoy up to 30,000 popular radio stations broadcasted in 120 countries across the globe. All of this is loaded in one application.

Another important highlight of myTuner Radio is that there are no ads. Great isn’t it? You can enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations on all the devices for free.

The app offers a flexible interface to the users. You can tune in to a station and listen to the radio in the background. You can also read the latest news updates from the world of music artists, use the AirPlay and Bluetooth to listen music on other media systems. Additionally, you can set up an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning with the sound of your favorite radio station.


11 FM Transmitter Apps that you Shouldn't Miss!

Once you download this exciting radio app on your Android device, you can find everything including music, current news stations, comedy and humor stations, and sports discussions. SiriusXM offers more than 300 stations covering programs and music for all kinds of occasions and vibes.

If we look at the main features, we can find personalized listening option, watch videos, create customized radio stations, and several other relevant features.

Verdict for Radio Listeners

We have gathered a collection of radio and FM transmitter apps for all the radio fans. While the listed information is valid, we believe that the radio listeners should know the scope of FM transmitter.

Owing to many more-convenient and easy ways of radio connectivity, the use of FM transmitter falls a little behind in the line. Most of the radio apps and devices come with Bluetooth option. With the help of this, users can comfortably connect their Android devices to the car audio system. In some cases, users can also connect their radio apps to the car with an AUX cable. That said, we encourage the traditional radio users and listeners to look for all the suitable radio options before choosing a particular app.

To do this, you can start with specifying your preferences for a particular radio app. If your goal is to find comfort and ease-of-use, the plug-n-play radio apps can be an ideal fit for you. These cover all the apps with Bluetooth-module or AUX connectivity option. You can simply connect your smartphone device to your car’s audio (or other media systems) and start listening to your choice of music right away.

On the flip side, if your goal is to recreate the traditional radio-listening experience, you can choose from the apps that support FM transmitter feature. Although the transmitter mostly concludes with a wireless listening experience, you can still enjoy the taste of setting up the radio yourself. Once you are connected to an audio system through an FM transmitter, you can tune in to your preferred music genres, shows, discussions, or newly trending charts.

Overall, we have tried to cover all the important and necessary details about the listed radio-listening apps. All of these apps may have their own pros and cons based on a user’s personal preferences. However, the functionality of these apps is highly user-oriented. So, you may like or dislike one app compared to the others based on the app interface and basic tuning features. If you are unable to track your favorite artists in a particular app, you can also look up on the internet to check for troubleshooting options or contact the app support. Reading through the app reviews may also come in handy while looking to choose one from the others.

If the listed information helped you, feel free to share your insights regarding the other radio apps available on the app stores. Happy listening!